Research in Trade Registers

We provide Trade Register Excerpts in local language. Translation service available.

Search for a person: is the wanted person involved/engaged in any registered business as owner or director? Not available in all registers, depends on national legislation.

Search for a company: your informations are unsufficient or false or you need up to date informations? You need foundation documents or you need to know who are the shareholders? You question us and we start to investigate…

Standard processing time is 1 – 2 weeks. Urgent processing +50%.

Price = 79€, Countries without price (“a.A.“) please ask!

Businessreports for all countries!

Businessreports include payment experience, if available. No membership due, buy what you need andt pay as you go! For regular clients you pay with your login. All reports in english language. If a report is not instantly downloadable, it will be investigated “freshly” for you, processing time is up to 2 weeks (urgent delivery upon request and extra charge).

We have the most competitive prices: for as little as 35€ (Germany), Western Europe 39€, other regions are 59€, 79€, 99€, …. exotic countries are more expensive…

All Prices are without tax upon VATNr.

Payment via Paypal and/or Credit Card.